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Updated: 11/20/2010

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Dare to Dream e-Coaching

My clients really enjoy my Dare to Dream e-Coaching Program because it gives them enough time to learn every aspect of the program, especially the on season and off season.  It makes it possible for me to work with my athletes for longer periods of time, get to know them better, teach them more about all aspects of the sport, and help develop them further.  They get quite a bit more satisfaction from the truly customized program plus, in today's bad economy, it makes it possible for them to continue to dream and achieve their dreams without making a huge financial sacrifice.

Most of my riders are still from categories 5 through 3 and come to me because they are struggling, no other coaches can help them, and they just want to be competitive at the front of the peloton and enjoy the sport.  But, because they  make a longer term commitment to me, I am able to take them further than most of them thought they would be able to develop.  This often causes them to stay with me even longer and permits me to take them even further.

For example, one struggling cat 3 college student came to me saying I was his last hope before he quit the sport and all he wanted and had not been able to get from any local or other Internet coach was to just develop physically and mentally to where he could race at the front of the cat 3 peloton and have fun.  He liked the results so well that he stayed with me for almost 3 years before leaving the program much more than satisfied with what I had done for him.  By the start of the 3rd year, he was consistently placing in the top 6 against US pro's and, a year after leaving my program, called me from Spain telling me he had been recruited by a Spanish pro team and thanking me for helping him achieve something he had never thought was possible.  I think I gave him a little more than he expected. (read more)

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